Maps example with Google Maps and Nodejs

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This is a short piece of code to show maps in a nodejs application.

We will need some 3rd party modules, so install these modules

  • EJS is a dependency for Express.
  • Express is a framework ExpressJS built on top of ConnectJS, it allows robust routing, view rendering, and templating. ExpressJS Details here.
  • GeoHash module is needed to convert geohashes to latitude and longitude coordinates. Geohash is used to uniquely identify a geographical point, it uses latitude and longitude to create a composite string that can be transmitted, stored. Datastores that do not have strong spatial indexing support, geohashes can be used. But having said that, in our application below, there is nothing stopping you from directly entering lat and lon coordinates in url querystring, it is just that geohashes will make the url shorter. Just to note that with a geohash you can trim characters from the right side…

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