RE: Gary’s letter. Chris’s Response. AIR vs PhoneGap, etc.



The following essay is prompted by Gary Paluk’s Open Letter to Adobe, and Chris Campbell’s response.  I wanted to elaborate on some technical insights to Adobe AIR vs. PhoneGap, and the severe limitations of PhoneGap.  In particular, for Enterprise and General Purpose apps.  I also wanted to talk about the Adobe AIR and Flash Platform communities.  How the de-emphasis of Flash has affected the community, and disenfranchised customers.

The AIR Community

I was very proud of the AIR community last week.  They may have soured an unfortunately-worded Adobe announcement with their discontent – but their solidarity, and support of AIR was admirable.  In their announcement, Adobe describe their new PhoneGap toolset as “Adobe’s lead­ing cross-platform app devel­op­ment solution.”  It’s no wonder that AIR developers were upset.

To many, this seemed like the final straw from Adobe, who seem to have already truncated the roadmap, neglected the Flash Platform community, failed…

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