Phone Book App using SQLite, PhoneGap, Android and Eclipse

Mayukh Saha

Hi All,
Today in this example I will show you how to use SQLite database with PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile Architecture. From this example you will get to know how to override the default Android Back Button behaviour and also how to use both tap and taphold event.

So lets begin, I have given the name of the application is ‘MyContacts’. So first create an android project using phonegap and eclipse. If you are unable to do this please go through Hello World! with PhoneGap, Android and Eclipse tutorial.

Now create three divs/pages in your index.html page. And also make sure whatever ID’s you are using to select the DOM element or to bind some events with that element has to be unique. The moment you introduce a duplicate id, you have an invalid document on your hands.

Now add the following JavaScript code inside a script tag in…

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