Calling Web services in PhoneGap/javaScript


Hello Friends!! Now a Days PhoneGap getting fame and used by lots of developer. I have done my very first PhoneGap application and i want to share my experience so  in this blog i am going to talk about PhoneGap and web services more frankly How to call a web service in PhoneGap or javascript?


      It is a cross platform framework to develop mobile application using web technologies like – HTML,javaScript,css.

Web Services:

      Web services are methods hosted and executed by server. Electronic devices use it to communicate to server.It remove the platform dependency of devices that means a device running iOS can communicate with a device running Linux/Mac etc.

I assume that you have installed the PhoneGap and created a demo application to test- How to call a web service using javaScript?If not please create a demo application or you may use your original application.

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