Cordova plugins? Put them in your own repo

Shazron's Cordova (aka PhoneGap) Blog

[edited: removed reference to pluginstall which is PhoneGap Build centric, to Plugman which is based on pluginstall but is Cordova centric, and more frequently updated]

Right now, there is one repo that contains the majority of plugins available for Cordova at:

We don’t want to “clutter” this repo with code anymore. Authors should maintain the code in their own repos and publish them to the Cordova Plugin Registry.

Having the plugins in separate repos also enables less clutter for pull requests and bugs, with it all being in one repo it is hard to get attention for an issue since that can be buried. I know that I like to fix some of my plugins, but it’s hard with it all lumped in there with other unrelated plugin issues.

As a reminder, this is how to write a Plugin:

For examples of plugins that conform to…

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