PHP 6 Features

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Below article covers the status of php6, probable features in it and reasons for delays to PHP 6 appear.

Status of PHP 6
In market we can see several books about PHP 6, but actually PHP6 does not exist yet. We don’t have any PHP 6 version available like alpha or beta. PHP 6 does not exist.

Features we might find in PHP 6
– Enhanced array indexing: Array indexing can be used to sub string or take an array slice.
– Performance: Page level (opcode) caching through moving Alternative PHP Cache (APC) into the PHP core. Native application caching.
– Break to label: Sending a break to a label (like a goto).
– Internationalization: Native Unicode – UTF-8 – to the core (strings, APIs).

Features which might get removed in PHP 6
– Magic quotes will be removed.

Probable reasons for delays to PHP 6 appear to be:

1. PHP 5.4 takes some…

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