Complete oAuth script for Twitter and LinkedIn using PECL oAuth Extension

The Storyteller

After searching for help to connect with LinkedIn via their oAuth protocol using PECL oAuth extension, I’ve found that lots of people are posting in their forum for the code samples. And only very few obscure code examples are available. I’ve found phplinkedin script but that is just too bulky for a simple oAuth dance 🙂

So here are two files to perform 3 step oAuth Dance for both twitter and linkedin. Just set your consumer key and consumer secret key in these scripts (config.php) and in your LinkedIn and Twitter application, set the url of these scripts as authentication callback 🙂 thats it 🙂

check out the source code below or just straight download them from the following url

config.php: source

twitter.php: source

linkedin.php: source

Download these files from – Happy dancing time, in oAuth way 😉

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