The case for filesharing sites vs torrents

All that is wrong with the world...

There are two primary methods of transferring popular and/or large files on the internet. Everybody has heard of bittorrent, which was somewhat of a revolution, and has been in the media enough that it would be hard not to have heard of it. The second, slightly less popular method is filesharing sites. Sites such as Rapidshare, Megaupload, Netload, Megashares and the like.

Bittorrent became the dominant method, due to its decentralized nature, and the ease of which files can be distributed. However, filesharing sites have been around for a lot longer, and tend to remain more constant, while bittorrent can change as features continue to be added, and the protocol continues to be improved. There has recently been some speculation that filesharing sites are starting to surpass torrents as a distribution method. Filesharing sites seem to have a negative reputation for some reason, and are prone to many misconceptions. I…

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