Ubuntu 10, Guest Accounts, and Persistence

Bill Hensley's Random Blog

So Ian, after hearing Dad talk incessantly about the virtues and sheer coolness of Linux over the years, had me install a dual-boot of Ubuntu with his XP. However, he judged that it was a PITA to switch between the two, and he decided to go Windows-free. He first installed Ubuntu into his XP installation, but it was awkward. After some thought, he backed up all his files and did a from-scratch reformat-the-disk install of Ubuntu 10. After one hiccup that caused him to re-install Ubuntu (something crashed and really hosed up the machine), he was running happily along.

Yesterday, Erin needed to type up a book report, and she decided to give Ians Ubuntu a try. It has LibreOffice, which is essentially Open Office, and she is fully checked out on that.

She started the machine up, selected the Guest account, and after she got the desktop fired up…

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